Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI was founded in 1946 and it started its contract manufacturing services in 1995 and has continued these activities to the present.

In January 2006, the Manufacturing Division of Laboratorios Farmacéuticos ROVI was separated from the main group under the name of Injectables Plant, thus creating an independent company 100% dedicated to contract manufacturing and analysis.

In April 2010, ROVI extends the manufacturing and development services in the field of solid forms due to the acquisition of a FDA-approved site from MSD: Frosst Iberica.

In September 2012 ROVI obtains FDA approval of its injectable plant: ROVI Contract Manufacturing

At both plants (Injectables Plant & Solid Forms Plant) we are known for our flexibility, transparency, expertise and constant dedication in the field of Contract Manufacturing and developments drugs. Following you can see some details of our both sites:
FDA-approved production site. Over 50 years of experience manufacturing pharmaceutical products, ROVI began offering Contract Manufacturing services in 1995. With four high speed filling lines, we are one of the largest worldwide specialists in the preparation, filling under aseptic condition and/or terminal sterilization for parenterals in prefilled syringes (PFS) and vials.

FDA-approved production site. Over 30 years the Alcalá site is fully dedicated to solid forms manufacturing for pharmaceutical industry. The plant, named in the past Frosst Ibérica S.A., was one of the largest European plants of MSD group. With this acquisition, ROVI diversifies its Contract Manufacturing offer by incorporating state of the art technology for manufacturing solid forms.

Both facilities are located in the Madrid area (15 minutes from Barajas International airport).
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