Co-Developments: If you desire getting the generic drug dossier just in time and market it directly or through third parties, you have just found your ideal partner. Please, have a look at our Co-development business model:

1. Partner provides the API

2. We offer from pre/formulation, technology transfer, scale up, pilot/exhibit batches, stability studies, bioequivalence studies if necessary, dossier compilation to manufacturing industrial/commercial batches

3. Licensing: directly through the partner or out-licensing to third parties

We are committed to ensure a personalized service to each partner so we can adapt to variations in initial Co-development model.

The model proposed is a Virtual joint venture with a Cost-Profit sharing approach.
"Please you can see here our business model example"

Please, for more info about Co-Developments contact with:
César López de Hierro - Contract Manufacturing Product Manager -

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