Quality / Testing
Our quality department has dedicated building (4,600 m²) which includes Microbiology lab, Chemistry lab and Quality Assurance department.
Complete equipment up-to-date:
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
Gas chromatography.
Atomic absorption spectroscopy.
Ultraviolet spectroscopy.
Near infra-red spectroscopy.
Fourier transform IR spectroscopy
Wet chemistry

- Information system & improvement programs:
Solid Forms Plant owns a successful and demonstrated experience in introducing and using an integrated management system including:
Reduce Variability and increase efficiency - Six Sigma
Reduce cycle time and eliminate non value added activities - Lean Manufacturing
Housekeeping, order and cleaning - 5S
Maximize production output, make problems visible and increase productivity - Visual Management, Lean Management QMS
These systems ensure reliable and consistent quality as well as compliance with global regulatory requirements.

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