Over last decades, Injectables Plant specialised in blending, filling and packaging of injectables for pre-filled syringes and vials.
Our staff has developed the appropriate know-how to satisfy our clients needs.
Flexibility and versatility enable Injectables Plant to offer our clients
all or any specific service related to the manufacturing of drugs. We customise our services taking into accounts our client's needs.
- Blending
Stainless steel tanks are used in blending.
We can cover a full range of batch sizes based on our client's needs.
We offer a Cleaning System (using WFI) and Sterilization in Place System (SIP), both of them duly validated, minimizing cross contamination risks. After blending, the product is filtrated through 0.22µm filter (sterile filtration).
- Aseptic filling
Injectables Plant offers its clients 3 filling machines for pre-filled syringes and 1 filling machine for vials. All filling machines obtained from one of the leading machinery supplier in pharmaceutical industry.
All quality requirements comply with European Guidelines, and ISO certification and audits of our clients have been passed.
Injectables Plant is a specialist in aseptic filling of parenteral solutions and, if necessary, also by terminal sterilization.

- Terminal sterilization (optional service)
Terminal sterilization
An independent air conditioning system for the building.
Terminal sterilization services are available as part of the whole manufacturing process requirements, or as a single service.

For the purpose of diversity, the autoclave machine for terminal sterilization is located in a different building containing all services required to guarantee proper operation. In order to comply with the most rigorous standards, the building features:
A specific purified water system and clean steam exclusively dedicated to the autoclave.
Independent entrance and exit flow charts for staff and materials.
- Labelling
Four labelling machines for syringes and 1 for vials are available. All of them use paper or acetate and transparent labels and last generation inspection systems. Multiple languages can be used. Plunger rods may be inserted in the pre-filled syringes if necessary.
Automatic inspection systems, guarantee the quality of the labelled product, inspecting 100% of syringes/ vials.

Re-labelling process is another choice offered to our customers.
- Safety devices assembly
In many countries safety legislations are making mandatory the use of integrated protection systems to minimize the risk of accidental needle sticks.
Since january 2009 Injectables Plant offers the possibility to assemble safety devices on prefilled syringes with a new fully automatic assembly equipment at a speed of 21.000 units per hour.
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